On our 'More than Music' Programme

Comments from various preschool teachers who trialled the programme:
  • A perfect introduction to listening, experimentation and participation building rhythm, beat, directionality, and coordination through a diverse range of resources.
  • It aligns beautifully with our internal evaluation about He Ara Hauora, supporting children's well-being.
  • Our tamariki were engaged and enthusiastically involved.
  • We could hear the children using the songs and terminology in their play.
  • Our kids were transfixed.
  • All children loved using the props and instruments and were very engaged, particularly with their favourite songs and favourite props.
  • Children come running when they hear the songs, eager to participate.
  • Would absolutely recommend (the programme) as not all teachers are musically capable and this programme allows them to feel more confident at delivering music sessions.
  • Music and movement sessions are seen as fun and are requested by children.
  • Changes noted after a few weeks of using the programme included:
    - Creative and imaginative ways to move.
    - Exploration guided by music.
    - Children pay more attention to the type of music being played in the centre.
    - They had a greater interest in musical instruments.
    - Scarves and ribbons were asked for daily.
    - Language is developing and singing tone improving.
  • The More than Music programme is a great way to support professional development for your teaching team. It can also be great for team building as you practise the songs together.
  • After using the sessions once we then used the individual clips. This made us commit to the material and we could fit it into our schedule of other things we were doing.
  • We are loving it and have had no issues in accessing the material. We have arranged two boxes so the instruments are always ready to go.
  • The children are very responsive to the music, actions, and movement.
  • I have made a couple of folders with the teacher notes in them so the teachers have easy access to the materials and can refer to them when they write Learning Stories related to the music sessions. 
  • I have been teaching for 30 years and love music, so it's right up my alley, but even the teachers who are not as confident or proficient in music are involved and engaged. "It's a Music Day," is stuck in my head and I find myself singing it on the drive home, and in the shower.
 Comments from New Entrant teachers who trialled the programme:
  • The children loved it from the start and would ask when they can do music.
  • The individual videos are really good to help the children and teachers become really familiar with the songs. Good when a free moment happens, just before break times, end of day and as a brain break.
  • The children have become better at following instructions.
  • Short term memory has increased.
  • Throughout our three-week trial children have become freer with movement.
  • Oral language has been great for our ESOL children.
  • The programme is really simple to follow and deliver, even if you have very little musical experience.
  • It is a well-structured programme with easily made resources.
  • The children became fully engaged in the programme.
  • There is a perfect balance between new material, and the revisiting of songs and skills.
Comment from a Playcentre Parent who trialled the programme:
  • The More than Music programme is a wonderful resource for teachers, parents, and children alike. My daughter loves the music and the songs. Watching the sessions, I learnt many beautiful songs and it increased my confidence to sing with my daughter and other children.


On Wendy & Janet - Kids Music Company

Janet Channon and Wendy Jensen from the Kids Music Company are highly experienced and respected Music Education teachers based on the North Shore of Auckland. They have been leading programmes in the area of Music Education producing their own recorded music and facilitating workshops for adults and children for many years both in New Zealand and overseas. Their zest, enthusiasm, and commitment for spreading the message of the power of music in enabling brain and body development is one I have experienced first- hand over the past 10 years by taking groups of students to their workshops to experience the programme.

Janet and Wendy are both qualified Music teachers with a speciality in Orff Music which is a child- centred approach to getting children engaged and immersed in musical experiences from a young age. The fundamentals from the Orff principles plus the training, knowledge and experience of these vibrant music educators combine to produce an innovative, original and deeply rich pedagogical Music programme for children and adults, (parents/teachers).
The Kids Music Company is well known for their distinctive original music with a range of instruments, voices and tempos. These (tracks) lead and guide children’s musical experiences in hands on music and movement sessions that are relevant and accessible to young and old and reflect much of what it means to be a New Zealander, as well as more generic ideas and concepts such as exploring musical concepts and perceptual motor development, size, body awareness, colour, etc.

Nicky de Lautour
Senior Lecturer, School of Education,
Auckland University of Technology.


We have been lucky enough to have Janet running music sessions personally in our early childhood centre for the last 15+ years.
Now, with the help of technology, these experiences are available to everyone else.
Over the years our staff has noticed a variety of benefits to the children.
Children are growing in confidence, even normally shy children are happy to become involved and become active participants.
Children are nurtured; they feel valued and therefore are confident to contribute their ideas. And of course, when children are happy they learn more effectively.
The language that Janet uses with the children is very beneficial in their learning and it adds to their vocabulary. They have better understanding about positions and what new words mean as there is normally an action that accompanies them, making the words easy to remember. Children with English as their second language have gained hugely from these lessons with Janet. Their vocabulary had been extended and they can follow instructions better. Children often relate words from the music sessions to a regular preschool day, showing their growing understanding.
Janet uses a variety of great songs. She introduces new songs and repeats others, while delivering them differently, making these songs exciting and requiring children to use different parts of their bodies. Children dance and move in certain ways which help develop coordination across their midlines. Janet uses such subtle and fun
In a letter from a parent to our Board the parent said ‘I think you did a great thing to bring in the Kids Music program to our childcare, and my daughter benefit a lot from this program. I am very excited to find that day by day, music is changing her in a gorgeous way...’
Even with budget cuts in education settings, we will keep our music sessions with Kids Music Company. Parents hear from the children how much fun they are having, teachers notice the children are progressing and I have a happy staff. I thoroughly endorse having the Kids Music Company programme in your centre.

Liz Lupton
Centre Director, Northcote Baptist Community Preschool, Auckland, New Zealand